Cancellation Policy

Taxi Service Cancellation

Lucky for you, we do not assess a cancellation fee for either Ride Now or Ride Later taxi reservations. To cancel a taxi reservation, you must select the "Cancel" button inside the app.

Black Car Service Cancellation

When it comes to black car service, for Ride now reservations, you can cancel your reservation at any time; however, you will incur a $10 cancellation fee. Because booking a ride dispatches a vehicle, this fee is a concession to our operators for time and fuel expense. To cancel a Ride now reservation, you must select the “Cancel” button inside the app.

If for any reason the operator cannot find you at the designated pick-up location and cannot reach you for further instruction, your ride is treated as a cancellation, including the $10 cancellation fee.

If for any reason the operator does not show up within the expected pick-up time, the customer may cancel the ride. If cancellation incurs a cancellation fee as a result, please contact Customer Care via email at Contact zTrip Customer Care or via phone at 1 (855) MY ZTRIP (699-8747) for a refund.

For scheduled Ride later reservations, we will refund payment if canceled more than one (1) hour prior to pick-up time. We cannot refund payment if canceled with less than one (1) hour notice prior to scheduled pick-up time or in the event of a Reservation Abandonment. Note that Dispatch will occasionally accommodate changes to reservations within this one-hour window. This policy also applies if you schedule a Ride later reservation within this one-hour window.