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Have questions about zTrip? Check out some of our frequently asked questions. If you still have questions feel free to contact us!


What are the hours of operation?
You can use the zTrip app to book a ride 24/7. Ride Now availability is dependent on demand as well as vehicle availability. We cannot guarantee availability of vehicles at all times.
How do I report a service issue?
A service issue should be reported through the Contact page or by calling 1 (855) MY ZTRIP (699-8747).
Where can I send feedback or ideas?
We’d love to hear from you! Feedback or ideas can be shared through the Contact page.
Is zTrip available where I live?
zTrip is available 16 cities. To suggest a city for expansion of either black car or taxi service, please contact us. To be notified of expansions into other cities, as well as other updates to our service, sign up for emails in the footer menu below.
When will you expand the Ride Now feature to my city?
Great question! We have not yet expanded zTrip’s Ride Now to all U.S. locations. To be notified of expansions into other cities, as well as other changes to our service, please sign up for emails in the footer menu below.


Is there a cost to create an account?
No, it is free to create an account.
How do I create an account?
You can create an account from inside the application. Simply download zTrip to your iPhone or Android mobile device. Once it’s installed, open the app by tapping the icon. You will be given two options: (1) Log In and (2) Register. Tap “Register” and the app will walk you through the process quickly and easily.
Can I save frequent pickup and destinations points?
Absolutely! Once you enter an address, through GPS pinpointing or manual entry, it is saved in your user profile. To access it later, tap “Favorites and Recent” when prompted to select pick-up or drop off location.
How do I retrieve or reset my password?
To retrieve a lost password, or to reset one, open the zTrip app and click “Forgot Password?” The app will walk you through the rest.
How do I delete my zTrip account?
Currently, we do not offer the ability to delete a zTrip account. However, you are able to delete your credit card info from your account. Future versions will include the delete functionality.


How do I give driver feedback?
Once your trip is complete, rate your driver directly in the app. Or provide feedback through the Contact page.
How do I become a zTrip driver?
We are always looking for qualified, service-oriented franchise owners and independent owner operators to become part of the zTrip fleet. To inquire about opportunities, please Click Here.
Who are the drivers?
zTrip is the official app of multiple, established black car and taxi companies, including the nationwide private sedan service ExecuCar. Drivers are franchise owners or independent owner operators working with our designated providers. Just like any business owner, our operators want to provide the best service possible.
Can I request a specific driver?
Yes, however if your driver is not available the closest available driver will be dispatched to you.


What’s your policy for babies and minors?
Infants and children are always welcome. Please be mindful of passenger count when booking a ride as children are not permitted to ride in laps and, dependent on local laws, will likely require a child safety seat. We do not provide car seats at this time.
Our operators follow the state laws for child safety restraints. Learn more about child safety seat requirements. A passenger must be 16 or older to ride alone in a vehicle without an adult guardian.
I accidentally damaged a vehicle. What’s your cleaning policy?
We understand accidents happen, however our operators are required to maintain clean, sleek, comfortable vehicles for your riding pleasure. Please be aware a cleaning fee may be charged to a passenger in the event of vomiting, a child or pet mishap, or any accident involving the passenger that damages the interior or exterior of a vehicle. The exact cleaning fee will be determined based on the extent of damages. The passenger will be notified if any such fee is to be incurred.
What’s your cancellation policy?

We reserve the right to charge the cancellation fee.


How do I request a vehicle to pick me up now?
Using zTrip with an iPhone or Android app:

  • Download the free zTrip app from AppStore or Android Marketplace.
  • Open the zTrip app and follow the instructions to sign up for a free user account.
  • Enter or select your destination, choose for now or later using the clock icon.
  • For Ride now, you will see a map and a red pin. Position the pin on the map where you would like to be picked up. You can also select the location bar and manually type in your location.
  • Once you’ve identified your pick-up location, enter your drop-off location or select “I will tell the driver.”
  • zTrip will send a text message with your confirmation and operator’s phone number.
  • zTrip stores your credit card on file, so payments (tip included) are automatic and hassle free. Note: Airport transfers do not include gratuity.
  • If you no longer need your ride, press “Cancel”. You can cancel a ride at any time; however, you will incur a $10 cancellation fee for black car service. Lucky for you, we do not assess a cancellation fee for either Ride Now or Ride Later taxi reservations.
I left something in the car. What do I do?
Immediately notify your operator by calling the phone number provided in your trip confirmation. If you are unable to reach the operator, quickly contact our Customer Care team at 1 (855) MY ZTRIP (699-8747). The sooner you contact zTrip, the higher your chance the item will be returned to you. Customer Care can be reached most immediately by phone. If the lost item is found, we will do whatever we can to ensure its return to you.
We are not responsible for items left behind during use of our service.
Can I request a vehicle for another person?
You can request a vehicle for another person using your account, but the charges will be applied to the original user account through which it was booked. For this reason, we advise each user set up an individual account.
Can I request multiple vehicles?
zTrip only permits vehicles to be booked individually. For assistance with multiple vehicles or large groups, please contact us.
Can I request a specific type of vehicle?
For Ride Now services, you can choose between a taxi and black car dependent on availability. The black car service may come in the form of a sedan or SUV, though there is no option to select between the two.
For Ride Later reservations, our black car service includes a choice of sedan or SUV where available.
How many passengers can fit in a vehicle?
Four (4) passengers will fit in a sedan, and six (6) passengers will fit in an SUV. For airport transfers, additional luggage and large items may reduce the number of individuals who can be seated comfortably.


Do you charge per person or per vehicle?
We charge only per vehicle. For sedans, this means you can bring along up to three people and pay the same price. For SUVs, you can ride with up to five! Please be mindful when bringing large items or luggage that vehicle space is limited.
Extra stops are an additional $10 per stop.
How is pricing calculated?
When booking a ride, enter both the pick-up and drop-off locations to get a rate quote. Pricing is calculated based on expected distance.
Can I use more than one credit card?
zTrip allows users to store more than one credit card. The application is not currently able to split fares between multiple accounts, credit cards, or methods of payment. If you have selected in vehicle payment, the driver can combine cash with credit.
Will I get charged a fee if I cancel my ride?
Lucky for you, we do not assess a cancellation fee for either Ride Now or Ride Later taxi reservations.
How do I redeem a promotional code?
zTrip offers promotional credits in the form of alphanumeric codes. To redeem, open the app and tap the hamburger icon on the top left. Tap “Promotions” followed by add promo code. Credits automatically apply to your next ride. Larger credits may spread across multiple bookings.
A credit card must be on file in your account to use Promo Codes. Promo codes will only apply on trips booked using “in app” payment selection. Promotion codes and discounts cannot be applied to reservations made by phone or in vehicle.
What should I do if I have a billing issue?
Contact us to report a billing issue.


How do I cancel an advance booking?

To cancel an advance booking: Open the zTrip app, tap the hamburger menu on the top left (the three-lined button), and select “Active Bookings”. From there, you can cancel any pending reservations or review completed trips. To cancel a trip for Now Use the blue Cancel button located at the top right corner.

Why isn’t my login working?
If for any reason you are unable to log in and have double-checked that the login is accurate, please close and restart the application. If it continues to be a problem, reset your password using the “Forgot Password” function on the login screen. If that does not work, we recommend a complete uninstall and reinstall.
If these steps do not work, please contact us.
Why doesn’t the app recognize my exact location?
One of the most common reasons that a user’s exact location cannot be determined is the GPS settings on his/her phone. They may not be turned on or may have timed out due to low battery.
If you have ongoing problems with the application, please uninstall and reinstall. If that does not work, please contact us.
What do I do if the app freezes?
If zTrip freezes while in use, close the program and restart. If it freezes in the middle of a transaction, but you do not make it to the confirmation page, please begin the process again as it has not been captured by our system, and your trip has not been booked.
What if I don’t have an iPhone or Android? Can I still use zTrip?
Absolutely. Our contact center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For booking assistance, call 1 (855) MY ZTRIP (699-8747).

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