Welcome to zTrip! You’re on the road to success.

Welcome to zTrip!

You’re on the road to success.

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24/7 Live Support




24/7 Live Support


We provide your vehicle, no wear and tear on your personal car!


Well maintained vehicles are better for the rider and the driver.

There are many perks to driving for zTrip!

It's Fun!
“I like driving for zTrip because it makes me feel like a part of the community. A very important part is the people I meet and they seem to appreciate what I do for them. Driving is not work it’s actually fun or me.” – Anonymous, Boulder Driver

“I’m in it for the people I meet. Treat them right and have a positive attitude. We both have a better day and have fun in the process!” – Stephen, Colorado Springs zTrip Driver

”I really enjoy all the people I come in contact with, both passengers and staff in the office. I love my job!” – Sara R., Northern Colorado zTrip Driver

“I love working here and have a great boss!” – Mohammed C., Orlando zTrip Driver

More Opportunities and Being a Part of the Community.
“I get to drive a school cab. and feel a part of the community.” – Melinda, Kansas City Driver

“I came to Baltimore in June of 2000 with $34 in my pocket and two friends. Both of my friends were already driving Yellow Cabs (now zTrip). I have been driving now for 15 years, off and on. While working in the Cab Business I’ve had the opportunity to send my kids to universities. This was only possible because of the opportunity Yellow Cab gave him. This is the main reason I’m proud to be a part of this organization. ” – Azhar, Baltimore zTrip Driver

Building a Personal Clientele
“I get to work the the Intercontinental and build her personal preference clientele. This keeps me not dependent on dispatched trips.” – Jules, Kansas City Driver

“I love driving for zTrip because of the flexibility and the personal client base I’ve created.” – Orlando, Colorado Springs zTrip Driver

“I enjoy driving because I provide great transportation and good customer service while managing my own business and building the zTrip brand.” – Felicia D., Pittsburgh zTrip Driver

“As a customer, you can request transportation without going through dispatch! As a driver, driving for zTrip offers the flexibility I need as I am also in active military duty.” – Anonymous, Jacksonville zTrip Driver


More Trips, More Money!
“I love the people I work with, the flexibility and the money. When the wife asks for money, I can jump in my zTrip vehicle and make it.” – Buddy O., Northern Colorado zTrip Driver

“I used to sit at the airport all day hoping for a trip. Thank you so much! You have given me my family back!” – Ed S., Kansas City Driver (former Uber Driver)

“I love driving for zTrip – great company, great passengers, great cars and great money!” – Anonymous, Minneapolis zTrip Driver


Unexpected vehicle concerns? Head on over to our local service technicians!

24/7 Live Support

We love our drivers, which is why we provide 24/7 support.