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ZTrip acquires Yellow Cab license

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A new taxi service named zTrip has acquired Yellow Cab’s New Mexico license. According to a news release from zTrip, the company has launched a fleet of 20 sedans and 20 minivans in Albuquerque. Bill George, CEO of WHC Worldwide/zTrip, said five...

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A Baltimore taxi company now has a ride-hailing app.

In Baltimore, taxis are getting into the ride-hailing app game. Transdev, the international company that owns Yellow Checker Cab of Baltimore, is launching its zTrip app in the city on Thursday. The app, which is available for iOS and Android, was beta tested by the...

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Baltimore Gets On-Demand Ride Alternative to Uber, Lyft.

Baltimore residents who prefer to hail a ride with a mobile app now have an alternative to Uber or Lyft: zTrip. Transdev, the company that owns Yellow Checker Cab of Baltimore, launched the app yesterday for iOS and Android, Baltimore reported. The app is...

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Austin Yellow Cab gets new app to hail a ride.

Yellow Cab Austin, its business battered by new competition from ridesharing companies, is adding a new app to hail cabs — and it strays from the term "cab" in this rideshare-loving environment. The company announced Thursday that it will begin using the ZTrip app for...

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